Changing Flight View

You can use the function keys ( The F1-F6 keys at the top of a keyboard), to cycle between different layouts of the Flight View.

Note: Your version of Workspace might look or behave differently than described depending upon vehicle and version.

F1 – Default Layout

The Flight View default shows Mission View in the center, with sonar and video feeds are on the right. 

To return to this layout, hit F1.

F2 – Video Layout

Video View minimizes Mission View and the sonar feed.

F3 – Sonar Layout

Sonar View minimizes Mission View and the video feed.

F4 – Mission View Layout

Mission view mi puts the loaded mission front and center. Any maps, charts, or images that are loaded fill the entire Flight View window. In this example, a search route is planned.

F5 – Sonar & Video Layout

This view comes in handy when what’s on video and sonar is equally important. This particular view is handy when following along a pipeline or cable lay.

F6 – Control Toggle

It toggles the controls on and off. Compare this image to the one for F-5 and you’ll see the controls on (here) and off (above). The controls that show depend upon the layout that you are in. Sonar controls when viewing sonar, for example.

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