OPENSEA as a Platform

Open architecture for developers and innovators

Open Software and Equipment Architecture (OPENSEA) is the most powerful and mature open architecture software platform available to the marine robotics industry, and is the foundation on which all Greensea technology is built. 

A comprehensive software platform for developing robotic systems

With real world success on hundreds of systems: ROVs, AUVs, USVs, surface vessels, manned submersibles, sensors, diver systems, mission planning, surf zone crawler robots, OPENSEA provides a development environment for integration, capability, and technology that encapsulates the three core elements of an unmanned system:

Navigation & Localization

  • High-accuracy positioning for autonomy
  • SWaP-C optimized technologies
  • Novel sensor fusing for state estimation
  • Perception-based pose estimation

Control & Autonomy

  • Vehicle (and payload) control and stabilization
  • Task-relative vehicle control
  • Supervised autonomy for operator-assist
  • Autonomy for unmanned operations

Human-Machine Interface

  • Single-screen interface for optimal usability
  • Mission planning and tasking
  • Multi-asset coordination and interoperability
  • Diagnostics, data logging, post processing

Designed for advancement

In cooperation with our partners and collaborators, OPENSEA becomes more capable and stronger exponentially. Systems benefit from thousands of hours of test time and an active development effort by choosing OPENSEA as a core architecture. This logic provides commonality to the industry, as well as a common interface to users, and a common architecture for developers.

Developer tools and documentation

Tools provided to develop on the OPENSEA platform.

  • Getting Started - Basic developer information and initial OPENSEA requirements.
  • Applications & API - OPENSEA libraries, applications, and interface documentation.
  • Resources - Reference and support information - concepts, diagrams, supported devices, best practices/style guides.

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